About Us

  • Cornell University

The Cornell Soft Matter Hub brings together students, postdocs, and faculty from diverse disciplines with shared interests in understanding functional soft matter and transforming that knowledge into positive societal impact (e.g., as photoresists for electronics, recyclable plastics, drug delivery vehicles, responsive materials for robotics, foods and more).
Each week, emerging and senior researchers from across the Cornell campus gather for the Soft Matter Discussions.  For the spring 2024 semester, the Soft Matter Discussions will highlight faculty from Cornell and regional universities and their efforts at the frontiers of soft matter research.  We invite you to participate in the Discussions, which will be held each Wednesday from 12-1pm ET (lunch is provided) in Olin 128 starting January 31st.  Additional details can be found at Events.
The faculty of the Cornell campus offers a wide range of courses related to soft matter, making Cornell an exciting and stimulating environment in which to pursue MS and PhDs in soft matter research. Additional details regarding classes can be found at Courses.